Invisible orthodontics

Ortodoncia invisible en Barrio Prosperidad, Invisalign en Barrio Prosperidad

Farewell to metal braces!

With our invisible braces we can give you that perfect smile. Metal braces are gone, its transparent teeth correction now!

How invisible orthodontics work…

The patient visits our dental clinic at Plaza Prosperidad where Dr. Milo Garcia Tempone will evaluate your case to see if invisible orthodontics are the way to go. If so, print outlets and bite bows will be made and then sent to the manufacturer, accompanied by photos and films. We will also make a Check-Line, which is 3D digital imaging, allowing the patient to see the development of their treatment step by step.

Only at this point splints are made, and the patient can immediately start using them. Splints are numbered, because each is different depending on the personalized treatment to the patient. Each splint should be worn for about two weeks, during which they reposition the crooked teeth. Splints should be worn all day, taking them off only to eat and brush your teeth.

Main advantages of Invisible Orthodontics

  1. More Comfortable: The inconvenience caused by metal brackets are over. Invisible orthodontics allows you to talk comfortably without any rubbing.
  2. More Discrete: Being made of transparent material, nobody will notice you wearing dental braces. They are totally transparent, you will not feel the need to hide your smile.
  3. More Hygienic: One of the biggest advantages is that it allows a complete cleaning of your mouth, without the risk of withholding food between the brackets.
  4. More Practical : Dinner will no longer be a torture. You can eat anything without it involving a personal challenge or worries. You will enjoy each meal.
  5. More Precise: Printing shots using a single digital model avoid errors in the manufacturing process of the old dental plaster models.
  6. Cheaper: Being a fully digital process it is much cheaper than similar traditional treatments.

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