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SNAP-ON Smile®: the non-invasive, reversible and budget friendly dental treatment

A quick and highly esthetic solution

SNAP-ON SMILE® was invented in order to achieve maximum dental esthetics in a simple, quick and inexpensive way. It is a removable appliance that fits inside and outside of the natural teeth of patients. The apparatus is made of a special fine resin but extremely strong and resistant to staining time.

SNAP-ON SMILE® is durable for many years as it does not fall or break off. Nobody takes notice of something in your teeth and you can eat without any kind of problem or discomfort. You can do both upper and lower teeth.

Success stories

SNAP-ON SMILE is indicated for those who have tetracycline stained or missing teeth, or have spaces between the teeth, and also want a fast, affordable and highly esthetic solution. It is also indicated in patients with a fear of anesthesia (punctures) or the turbine because the best part is that simple measures are taken and sent to a specialized laboratory in the United States where they will prepare the device. Therefore treatment is quick and painless. 

You will smile again!

Be sure to consult us about this new and simple system that allows you to have the smile you always dreamed of.


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