Pediatric Dentistry

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One of the specializations that we offer is the dental treatment of not cooperative children.

Sometimes it is possible to treat very young children with the help sedation techniques with excellent results. To do this, we have a team of specialists that is highly experienced in these techniques.

The oral hygiene of your child

26.2% of all children under 4 years already have caries. This is reflected in the survey of Oral Health in Preschool in Spain in 2007, made by three odontopediátric societies. To avoid these figures, pediatric dentists recommend starting oral hygiene at an early age, even before the first tooth appears. On the other hand we recommend going to the dentist for the first time when your baby is one year old.

Infant oral hygiene recommendations

We advise you to visit the dentist when your child is one year old. Years ago, the recommendation of pediatricians was making the first dental checkup when the milk denture, composed of 20 teeth, was complete. That is, around three years. However, the presence of caries in preschool and the emergence of other problems associated with primary dentition in children under 3 years have forced specialists to change the recommendation to 12 months, depending on establishing preventive measures. After the first revision, checks must be made, if all goes well, once a year.

Furthermore, you should regularly examine your baby’s teeth. Note that healthy teeth have a uniform white color. If stains or spots appear on the teeth you should make an appointment with your dentist.

Correct bad habits early

The professional will review teeth and gums to see if there is baby bottle tooth decay, of there are possible problems like cross bite or if alterations of growth exist, and probably start a record on the child’s medical and dental history. It is time to correct bad habits and introduce good housekeeping.

When the time comes to visit the dentist, parents should strive to give their child a sense of confidence and security. It is essential to create a good relationship between the child and the dentist without fears or worries from scratch.

To avoid caries: lots of hygiene

Even before the first tooth appears, gums cleaning should be performed after each meal. To do this, you can use a moistened gauze. When teething starts, use the brush without toothpaste for up to 2 years. Thereafter, you can use a small amount, as long as it is particularly suitable for children, that is, low in fluorine content.

And remember to avoid caries, do not leave your baby with a bottle in his mouth, because prolonged contact with the milk sugars might predispose caries

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