General Anesthesia & Sedation

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Are you afraid of the dentist?

Do you want to fix your mouth but afraid of the dentist?
Would you like to get implants or teeth removed but you are too afraid?
Do you suffer gag reflexes making it impossible for the dentist to check your mouth?
Is your child un-cooperative, unabling the dentist to revise the teeth?
Do you suffer from dental phobia?
Would you like to get your mouth fixed in  just one single visit?

All treatments under sedation or general anesthesia

Without pain or anxiety and in just 2 hours.

We can help you fix your teeth with personalized attention and if desired under sedation or general anesthesia so you will never hear anything or feel the slightest pain or anxiety. All this in just one session a couple of hours.


Ideal for children or patients with disabilities

In Dental Clinic Plaza Prosperidad we specialize in treatments for patients with dental fear or phobia, but also in children or people with physical or mental impairments. Dental fear patients visit us from all over Spain to get their dental treatments done under sedation or with general anesthesia, without noticing anything and in just a single visit. If you wish, we can help with accommodation in a hotel close to our clinic for your convenience.

Preparation for the Sedation or General Anesthesia

The weeks before your intervention, you need to have done a complete pre-operative medical exam: Dental x-rays, chest x-ray, electrocardiogram and complete blood analytics, including clotting time of bleeding, TP TTP.

The day before your intervention:

  • Do not eat or drink anything after 12 AM (midnight).
  • If you are taking medication, consult your doctor for pre-operative instructions.
  • If there is any change of health before your appointment, for example, mucus from nose, sore throat or fever, notify us as soon as possible.
  • If you think that you are pregnant notify us as soon as possible.
  • Have a good night’s sleep the night before your intervention.
  • To reduce the possibility of infection caused by the bacteria from your skin, take a bath or shower before you go to the center.

The day of the intervention:

  • Please arrive 30 minutes before the set time.
  • Leave all your valuables such as watch, bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. at home.
  • Do not wear contact lenses or false eyelashes.
  • Bring a list of all the medication you are taking, incluiding the appropriate dose.
  • Bring your ID and social security card.
  • If you have not yet done so, you will be asked to sign an informed consent form.
  • This form must be signed by an adult (father or mother) in the event of treating a minor.

After the intervention:

  • Do not drive a car or operate any machinery until at least 24 hours after the intervention.
  • Do not drink alcohol for at least 24 hours after the intervention.
  • Soft diet throughout the day.
  • If you have children it is suitable to make arrangements to watch them during the 24 hours after the intervention.
  • You must be taken home by a responsible adult, either by car or in a taxi.
  • You will not be allowed to go without an adult escort.
  • One day after the intervention a member of our clinic will contact you to know how you passed the night.

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